Tradition Menu

Cuttlefish with potatoes and peas, mayonnaise with red crab and sponge cuttlefish

Spaghettone Verrini and mussels, field beetola, and ricotta smoked by us

Citrus flavored baccala, Roman broccoli puree and roasted turnips.

Ricotta and viscose with cinnamon sauce.

The dishes of the Tradition menu will be combined with the wines selected by our cellar
75 €



Zucchini and salmon rolls with yuzu avocado cream and crispy vegetables

Roasted octopus with variation of peppers and crispy black olives

Zibello culatello with goat quenelle and Roman mysticism

Cocks to the vaccine fried with smoked onion cream

Crunchy egg on Mantuani pumpkin cream with summer black truffle



Risotto with Adriatic winches and Roman zucchini

Tagliolini with datteri, Cetara anchovies, candied orange, and Bronte pistachio grain

Ravioli stuffed with crawfish and crawling with burrata and varieties of tomato

Gnocchi with spinach and summer porcini mushrooms on flower cake fondue

Fusillone with white wild boar sausage flavored with Lapsang tea with finferli and almonds



Ragusa tart with tart with renette apple, emulsion of sweet red onions, and Gongonzola

Beef fillet with porcini mushrooms, mustard sauce, and sweet potato mashed potatoes

Confit duck breast with sherry Pedro Ximenez sauce, foie gras scallop, and salted vegetables

Caramelized Norwegian salmon with potato salad, sour cream with horseradish, and its caviar

Golden sesame bouquet with white beans and grilled vegetables



Raspberry and tonka crostina

Rome - Havana 8700 km round trip

The classic "7 veils" in my own way

Viennese with berries