A cuisine characterized by a strong generational tradition, influenced by the historic cosmopolitan markets of Rome, rich in spices and aromas of first choice from every corner of the world.
Our chefs Maurizio Bianchi, Luca Occhipinti and Massimiliano Croce, respectively from the North, South, and the center of Italy, together with the Michelin Star chef Giuseppe Di Iorio, will bring you in a contemporary culinary experience, rich in research and attentions for the territory.
Our vegetables come from the best peasants of the Roman province through the market of San Cosimato, our homemade bread nourishes the same chickens from which our eggs come from, our meats are selected by the historic "Feroci" Roman butchery, and every ingredient of our pantry is the result of seasonal studies and analysis.

Better Ingredients, Better Foods.



19:30/23 - Mondays to Saturdays


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An important solid wood cellar that houses about 250 labels, mostly natural, and which by the end of the year it will triple it's size.
Our sommelier will guide you through the flavors and fragrances of the finest grapes, the most balanced contrasts, and the more interesting combinations, providing the guest with a complete and sought after experience.


Situated on the western shore of the Tiber, the Doppio restaurant is located in the heart of Trastevere. An eclectic, culturally diverse but cohesive district, a favorite destination for the Romans and travelers looking for the classic atmospheres of the capital. The cobbled streets of the neighborhood recall the medieval era, while its many shops, cafés and restaurants witness the youthful charm.

In the heart of Rome, the flavor of Italy.